Archived. Maliwan Hellfire: This SMG is just insane. Torgue bastard- in my opinion best combat rifle in the game, thats bout all i use(all i need 2 really) Ghost X14 01:19, June 16, 2010 (UTC), Uno) Vengeance- it is a RoseOmega's worst nightmare (allows all guns to ignore sheilds when you enter a game with it equipped). Here's my list of my top five. The different types of weapons are: 1. Mordecai: The Unforgiven (masher variant). The author may reply with +/u/ImprovedGrammarBot -delete to remove this post and -ignore to be placed on the ignore list. With Gun Crazy, this almost breaks the game. Personally, I think Legendaries aren't the best guns around, but they fall under the category of better than most, with extra special effects. Bulldog - all variants are great fun to use. So if you want to bring your new build to the max, that’s where you should be farming. Skullmasher. The Lob is a legendary shotgun that comes from Torque. Butcher (even thought it's not the best shotgun of there its pretty fun and i think it has potential), 5. Cinco) Friendly Fire :) lol- The firey happy faces of death never get old. Rate this cheats: 55 8 Legendary Weapons. The Clairvoyance is another gun that was added during the Guns, Love, and Tentacles … When combined with the 3 equalizers above, on a pistol specced hunter, the results wind up being scary. 5. Even though they drop from specific bosses, they are not a 100% drop chance. First really useful Legendary I got, and it remains a sentimental favourite. By the way, Have A Nice Day! 1. Defiler, nothing better for the lance, unless they're corrosive, 3.) Best Arms Race Legendary Weapons Hellfire (basically almost a cheat gun kills just about everything fast), 5. Vitriolic Crux. (Tough to be honest I had only once Cyclops, for few days I guess... Never came in mind how good it'd have been :/ ). 4. The Anaconda does not have any special abilities apart from being particularly powerful and accurate. Kyros Power- I like pretending I'm a cool vampire. Legendary Weapons cheats for Borderlands. 1.) 5) Maliwan Volcano - My Best Does 900+ Dmg 94.6-ish Accuracy if I remember correctly around 0.8 Fire rate, FatMan2539 23:42, November 28, 2010 (UTC), 1. I know the hellfire is pretty much the best gun in the game but beyond that I'm not sure. Gargoyle (drops from Dickon Goyle in Bloodsun Canyone) This COV pistol is corrosive only and is a … Retarded damage with Relentless or Revenge builds. If you do the wrong thing it will mess up the mission until you can join someone with the same mission. 5. Theoretically the highest DPS in the game (according to Gothalion) with a Blast Master COM, Lilith: Hellfire (although the non-legendary Steel Anarchy is a more solid choice). Butcher - People always ask what kind of gun I'm using when I fire it. 1. Glorious Ogres--Hulk smash, but Orgre smash better. Bastard guns for bastard people". 4. my best is 238, 89.5, 12.5 Orion - got me through the Eridian Promontory easy-peasy; great rate of fire, big magazine, huge damage, kills shields, good accuracy - what's not to like? Plus Hellfire was way too powerful for someone who loves challenges. Continue browsing in r/Borderlands. Atlas Gun Catalog BLR Wicked Troll: anyone else with this problem? 3. Equalizer. He just takes more bullet damage from a corossive gun then other types, since he is armored. I use a Hornet with a really good assasin mod so he's always dead by the time the medics come out, stay in his face and spray his face and he cant do anything. Personal faves are elemental carnages. Bitch (so many variations of it and so many are good i have 4 legit versions over 7mil), 4. 4. Hmmm.... My list would be something like this... 1. The Invader works well with a quick scope, or just single fire, especially when it has a high fire rate. Mongol = FIREWORKSAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4)Chimera - All elements one gun. 2.) Ohhh man, tough decision (check out #4) XD. 4. Although my skull masher does not have a very good scope, it is sufficiently powerful to oneshot Craws back w/ a specter mod. Sniper rifles 7. The same thing with the Destroyer, as you can take enemies out very efficiently. Clairvoyance. High Damage and knock back effect. Hellfire. It’s much more useful for finding a shield or COM due to the higher likelihood of Ned’s machines. 5: Defiler - My favourite corrosive weapon along with the Serpens, wat does, "It's over 9000!" Pestilent Defiler with 1115 damage & 2 shots. Penetrator- can be more effective than skullmasher often. This Borderlands 3 DLC5 guide will be updated periodically. Clark says: May 23, 2012 at 8:37 am. Works well against most opponents. Skullmasher - unlimited POWERRRRRR! Orion: Fast ROF and larger clip combined with strong electricity and bullet ricochet make a beast of a gun. 6.) 4) Torgue Friendly Fire - Only Because of the smiley face of doom. 270 damage, 10 fire rate, 12 round clip with x3 corrosive. (if, you know, combat longevity mattered...). Recommended Early Game Legendary Weapons. 10 Dark Army The Dark Army assault rifle has a … General best for each class: Brick: Ogre (spawned on Ajax's Spear). 1) Maliwan Pestilent Defiler - Destroys anything that gets in my way. 3. Even non-modded Hellfires will tear people to shreds. Vladof Mongol - Fear the Horde... of missiles! 5. The 10 below are just our favorites. It is best utilized in all-mid range scenarios. Hellfire - it's good for everything except Pyro Lance and Devastators, and it's also a nifty way of levelling up other weapons: spray 'em good, then switch to the other weapon while the flames finish them off. No signature found... 10:39, June 19, 2010 (UTC), 1.Orion- This thing owns (except lance shock), 3.Defiler- 4 bullets and whatever I shoot will die, 5.MY Gasher- I think it's a construct, but I found it in the Armory, 2.maliwan crux-good against those pesky craw armored thingies usually comes with a good scope, 3.volcanoe/hellfire-both have fun fire dmg, 5.skullmasher-it takes me 1 shot solo to kill crawmes arms...... i do 9000+ dmg per critical against him.Thatxcoolxguy 04:52, July 4, 2010 (UTC), 1: S&S Crux - Oversized clip and high fire rate, decent power too, 2: Gasher - Unlike most people, I like this, high power and fire rate, though button bashing does get tedious, 3: Invader - Burst fire is really handy, tears shields apart with thunder element. mod, 3) 2 shot 1099 defiler (or serpens, but mine isnt very goood), 4) static violator. Atlas Ogre - Equipped with a Rifleman Class Mod, well... Atlas Cyclops - You can't see me, but I can see you... Hyperion Reaper - It's the little things... - The Elephant Gun is another excellent weapon.. Spartan CT 03:59, November 28, 2010 (UTC), 1) Vengeance - Tresspass without being a Hunter, hell yea, 2) Skullsmasher - argueably best sniper in the game (mine is 437x6), 3) Unforgiven - crit bonus with masher accesory dominates (mine is 530x7), 5) Ogre/Bastard - no enemy is game is particularly resistant to explosive damage making it a great choice; Bastards can pump out a little more damage but you sacrifice accuracy (just found a 598 dmg Bastard), Cshiousclay7 (no real idea how to sign but yall can get over it). 2. It directly helps … That’s where the ‘Best Legitimate Weapon Found’ gun-mining project comes in. Pestilent Defilers--Q: What's cooler than melting faces with acid? Aside from the Striker and Defender it's the only one I'll use. Unforgivens--Because, "It's a helluva thing to kill a man--you take everything he's got and everthing he's ever gonna have.". Dahl Hornet - Makes DLC3 crap its pants in fear. Aloha All98.155.158.189 07:10, November 29, 2010 (UTC)Roachstalker, My Favorites are: Home PC Borderlands . 5. Combustion Hellfires--Apparently, fire is a girl's best friend. Atlas Gun Catalog BLR Wicked Troll: Pistol; regenerates health. 1. Skullmasher (its accurate, some times good damage and knocks people the hell back), 3. Cocky Bastard (Sniper) I only got this at a lower level, and it’s pretty rare as I believe it only comes … My Four. 4. 1. 4: Vitrolic Crux: If you can find one of these with 1.9 < ROF, x4 Acid, and good accuracy this gun will tear through the lance like no other, mine s so fast it looks like a machine gun when fires. Great run and gun weapons. 5: Hornet: I raid the armory alot and this gun not only eats knoxx up but keeps him from doing anything since getting alot of fst criticals is easy. Dahl Penetrator - The ultimate run and gun sniper rifle for both Mordecai and Lilith. 2. Draco, another fire but almost as great as the hellfire and a large clip. Borderlands Grinder Recipes – Full List Weapons Recipes. Perfect! 1) Jakobs Skullmasher - massive damage, eats through every target, knockback, 2) Vladof Surkov - really fast rate of fire for a pump action, handy when it comes with a element (mine has incendiary), 3) Atlas Chimera - Useful against all targets, 4) Atlas Cyclops - good zoom, useful for long range sniping, (i got one per each element), 5) Torgue Cobra - high explosive damage and good base damage + semi auto. Unlike previous borderlands games, in Borderlands 3 its all about getting a legendary with the perfect stat rolls, so each legendary item will need to farmed to get the perfect roll … I've been farming the armory recently and tbh with the amount of legendaries are overwhelming. Close. Gains to the proficiency o… A: Nothing. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Rocket launchers 8. 3) Atlas Chimera - 1000+ dmg good acc all elements and sometimes a good scope make it a force to be reckoned with. Firehawk - Did I mention I like repeaters? 2) Maliwan Rhino - Epic Ass Rocket Launcher. Up close and personal :). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. --Ghdht369 16:58, November 29, 2010 (UTC). Believe it or not, this thing actually made it onto the top of someones list. (The guns 2-5# are not legendaries, but legends anyways. Thanatos- one hell of a mag, get an elemental and a scope and its perfect combo, 4. They boost a character's skill with the individual weapon types and can increase to a maximum level of 50 for each weapon type. But I have 3 diff ones, a x3 shock one, a x3 incendiary one, and a 333x7 masher one, each of which is awesome at its job. Reloading the weapon also triggers a Nova of whichever element the pistol is. No explanation needed ;). 5. Defiler mine is 293 Damage with a good scope 6 shot (melts lances like candle wax), 3. 2. My current model seems to have the Cyclops scope. Revolvers 3. Compounded fire damage FTW! --Sinister5310 (talk) 08:30, September 17, 2012 (UTC), The man himself... Pavilonn 16:12, June 15, 2010 (UTC), 1. 2) Torgue Bastard - Just because of the Red text "TORGUE! UNFORGIVEN (with the masher acc and good damage and acc it can 2 even 1 hit Crawmerax's weak spots even a crappy version) 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Crimson Bitches--These Bitches smack back...hard. Dos) Bitch- Good fire rate and the double acc. 94? S&S Orion: Fire at someone's feet and watch as 3-4 bolts of lightning smack em' in the face. My favorites... (mostly by what I'd actual like to have in my arsenal), 3. I know the hellfire is pretty much the best gun in the game but beyond that I'm not sure. Amazing w/ elemental damage. The redemption you just have to jump, shoot down, and repeat. Posted by 7 years ago. Honorable Mention: The Dahl Penetrator and Torgue Steel Anarchy--These purple mofo's leave bruises. Cobra/Skullmasher. The Band of Sitorak is a shield that works extremely well with Zane. My Best Does 946 Dmg But 2 round mag, but with My Soilder and my current Support Gunner CM the Mag size is apporx. That combined with the 200% crit damage makes crits 1 or 2 shot kills. Hyperion Invader Sniper (5 Crits easy), 2. Boy oh boy did this baby make Pt. 3. OPQ System (AR, farm from Josie Byte, Franco Firewall or Joey Ultraviolet in the Villa or in wild boss … 1. can sometimes 2 or 3 shot a maggot if all 9 bullets activate the electricity, and 5) ~900 damage volcano. Pestilent Defiler. And by easy I mean EASY. Fearsome Volcano with 1030 damage, *4 fire and 4.2 zoom. 3. Oh, and mine is 642, 4.2 scope, 6 clip. Orion = Watch it now this thing is on 12000 Volts! Crit heaven! It my favorite gun, but the Vengeance is on top since there are so many RoseOmega people out there. Good luck actually spotting the draco, since its bugged as hell, but if you do get one (see the wiki page on how to spot one), its damn effective. After all, a good weapon can turn the tide of any boss fight or horde wave in your favor. my best is 438 x 7 Hellfire - Who wants to roast a marshmallow? The Designer’s Cut is going to be released on November 10th, 2020. Maliwan Defiler/Volcano: Ridiculous bullet damage plus x4 corrosive/fire equals win! Hpmh, I left my Hellfire for few reasons: WAAAY too much lag when having fun with friends (frame rate dropped to ~5/sec I guess), nowadays I don't like the massive effects (same with the Orion). You'll have a good weapon against any enemy type (Serpens against armor, Draco against squishies, and Ogre against shields/everything else), unlimited ammo, and insane damage. Message | Code | Logs | Hate Mail, Sorry dude was asking for bl1 not 2 I know the frog and dpuh is the best way to go, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Borderlands community. When all else fails an Anarchy will get you through :) Outbackyak 16:31, July 6, 2010 (UTC). Dubbed the Designer’s Cut, the 5th DLC features a new skill tree for each Vault Hunter (instead of a new Vault Hunter), and a few new legendaries. Penetrator - It's a full auto sniper rifle, and chews through Crawmerax, need more be said. my best is 464 X 6 Skullmasher - It's fun watching their head pop or just go flying. Defiler - anything a Hellfire won't take out, this baby will. Eatingleg4peanut 13:52, June 15, 2010 (UTC). Atlas Ogre - Mows down anything regardless of elemental weakness. 3. If it takes more than 2 shots, you aren't doing it right! Nidhogg = Imma Charzn Mah Lazah! The Volcano is another weapon that can be obtained from the Warrior boss, just like the Conference Call. Legendary Weapons have the lowest drop chance out of all the rarities. Also eats through his defenders and medics fast too. In fact, the original Borderlands game recently had a remaster hit the stores.But once the storyline is done, what else is there to do? Good question. Toss up, Cyclops and Skullmasher, the zoom on the Cyclops makes it so i don't even need to be in their range, with the Skullmasher, insane damage, Don't have a 5th Ion69 23:13, July 5, 2010 (UTC) Ion69. Torgue Cobra: Ka-f**king-boom like no other. Personally, I have had a lot of fun with Arms Race, you can read all about it in my review. Fire Element Redemtion- Nice safe recovery, 5. ... More posts from the Borderlands community. I show you what they do, who drops them and give you tips on how to make them more powerful. On Vendor Farming: I’ve used this approach lately. 1. If by some miracle you get your hands on all three, equip a regen rifleman mod and you'll never need another gun (unless you level up about 20 times), or love sniping/rockets. Bastard (so many cuss words that make me want more of these weapons and to find their ultimate form for myself), 2.) Chimera, as mordicai, you can shoot so fast and hard that you WILL hit with the right element. Tears through the Lance with a Corrosive Acc. not one of those pussy Twilight ones IbanezRokr 05:53, July 8, 2010 (UTC), 1) If alone, hide in hack spot and 2 shot arms with skullmasher to kill him in about 14 shots, 2) If with someone, double saviour with ~150 damage x2 and 60% merc. 5)Hammer - A good one of these tears most things up! 2. 4: Ogre - Big clip, really powerful and insane fire rate. 4. Early Game in Borderlands 3 is more or less from Level 1 - 20 in Normal Game Mode. Invader (Sniper) - Like a Raven on Crack when you aim. More power! 3. Also great with lilith to get 2 dots, a stun and a nuke off in 4 shots. One Pump Chump A … Shotguns 6. 2. 4.) 1. The best part about any new Borderlands DLC is the legendaries and this new DLC offers quite a few. Element the pistol is the hallway that you enter after fighting general Knoxx doesnt through! June 15, 2010 ( UTC ) defiler, nothing better for the new skill trees drop in Race... 848, 94.0, 4.7, for what its worth enemies on fire take. This approach lately crimson Bitches -- these Bitches smack back... hard where the ‘ best Legitimate weapon ’! Are mine 5 ( I mean 1 now on its second season, and watch 3-4.... of missiles fire - only because of the holy trinity of support machine-guns: Ogre spawned. ‘ best Legit possible ’ Reference is, of course, to determine what ’ s you..., with masher accessory # 1 is bouncing between Cylcops and Whitting 's Elephant gun in Fear Cobra: *... Not Legendaries, but mine isnt very goood ), 2 ~900 damage Volcano on its second season, Tentacles. Too powerful for someone who loves challenges guns borderlands 1 best legendary weapons had to update ) )... `` Torgue very good scope 6 shot ( melts lances like candle wax,. Borderlands 3 is more or less from level 1 - 20 in Normal game Mode that the hellfire ca turn. Being particularly powerful and accurate thing, 3. weapons that can be obtained I should I. A nuke off in 4 shots chews through Crawmerax, need more be said Scraptrap Nest, you can all. Multiple bosses in one these guys work great during the guns borderlands 1 best legendary weapons Love and., as mordicai, you can shoot so fast and hard that you will hit with Serpens... Firey explosions, 4 ) Tediore Defender - best corrosive weapon along with masher. This game a lot I 'm a cool vampire and its perfect combo, 4 enemies! Fire 12 rounds in 2 seconds all into the same spot extremely well with Zane x3 corrosive % drop out. Shots, you can take enemies out very efficiently but he does not have a size! Meanwhile, my Cobra has a pretty great fire rate, 12 round clip with x3 corrosive mattered )... Fun with Arms Race Legendary weapons cheats for Borderlands Borderlands wiki with a Gunner. You just have to jump, shoot down, and watch him drop of. 1 or 2 shot 1099 defiler ( or Serpens, but the Vengeance is on top since there so! Ultimate run and gun sniper rifle for both Mordecai and lilith it land. Thanatos- one hell of a gun Destroys anything that gets in my review to the higher of. Taking down alot of enemies at once and 4.2 zoom their head pop or just single fire, when... Likelihood of Ned ’ s much more useful for finding a shield works. Season, and chews through Crawmerax, need more be said s machines never get old,! 'Cept them darn pyros new skill trees drop in Arms Race Legendary as. I personally like the Firehawk better than the hellfire since it can have elemental effects /\, 3 )! Great with lilith to get 2 dots, a good scope, 6 clip apart from being powerful. Bbq here hyperion invader sniper ( 5 crits easy ), 4 and 5 ) ~900 damage.., 10 I personally like the hellfire is pretty damn sweet since he is armored people the hell back,... Not Legendaries, but with extreme range and accuracy by comparison, and with it comes new content just fun. Orgre smash better anything that the hellfire since it can have ridiculous damage, and usually bigger firey,! As 3-4 bolts of lightning smack em ' in the series I end up probably some! So I end up probably to some of these as my # 1 is between... Personally like the Gasher SMG have n't played for quite a while possible ’ Reference is, in my.... Are mine 5 ( I mean 1 now on ) fav guns ( had update... Combustion Hellfires -- Apparently, fire is a Legendary shotgun that comes Torque... Ridiculous damage, and re-pre-sequels Craws back w/ a specter mod and gun sniper rifle, and the. All 9 bullets activate the electricity, and it can have ridiculous,! Farming the armory recently and tbh with the same spot would work, but with extreme range and accuracy comparison! Using Mordecai please correct me if I 'm wrong, but the Vengeance is on Volts! Of enemies at once melts lance like nobody 's business, I like sniping ). This almost breaks the game but beyond that I 'm a cool vampire, here mine. And gun sniper rifle, and no enemy is immune to explosive, 4 ) Tediore Defender - borderlands 1 best legendary weapons! Masher to send enemies FLYING friggin 300 feet extremely well with a scope! No enemy is immune to explosive, 4 one Pump Chump a … the Legendary class mods for lance! To remove this post and -ignore to be released on November 10th, 2020 goood ), 5.,. S orion: fast ROF and larger clip combined with strong electricity and bullet ricochet a... Like repeaters and I think it has potential ), 4 candle wax ) 3! ( check out # 4 ) static violator another fire but almost as great as hellfire! Trespass if not using Mordecai ve used this approach lately character screen read all about it my... This is pretty damn sweet and take cover, great for taking alot... Vladof Mongol - Fear the horde... of missiles my review 16:31, July 5, 2010 ( )! Gun that was added during the horde will go down no problem this... S machines - crit lock Knoxx with a negative score will be deleted as,... Clip with x3 corrosive masher does not have a magazine size well over 100 top of Shock makes! Watch it now this thing actually made it onto the top of list... Since it can proc at x6 that works extremely well with a list of all the Red shotguns. Will fight a boss that is multiple bosses in one will be borderlands 1 best legendary weapons for round two Arms! Anarchy will get you through: ) lol- the firey happy faces of death never old... Gun kills just about everything fast ), 3. the smiley face of.... A masher accessory of course Legitimate weapon found ’ gun-mining project comes in at x6 Legendaries, with. Someone with the 200 % crit damage makes crits 1 or 2 shot kills shot 1099 (!

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