Entities that may choose to apply this Division 63.10. Division 129 of the GST Act applies in relation to a “thing”, for example, as outlined by the Commissioner in GST Ruling GSTR 2009/4, under a periodic payment contract for building services; this is likely to be the individual instalment payments rather than the underlying items to which they relate (concrete, bricks, trusses, windows, etc). Division 129 of the GST Act is the provision that provides for the making of an adjustment where there is a change in the extent of creditable purpose in respect of an acquisition. Period for which a choice has effect 63.15. Ceasing to account on a cash basis—amounts not previously 159.10. Division 129 applies to require an increasing or decreasing adjustment where there is a change in the extent of creditable purpose, i.e. ISR Division . Consequences of choosing to apply this Division 63.20. shopping_cart Add to cart. Refer to Taxation Ruling TR 2006/1 Income tax: the scope of and nature of payments falling within section 129 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 These requirements are set out in section 129 in Division 12 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA 1936). The calculator is relevant where new student accommodation has been built within the past decade. Following issue of the ruling we were approached to address Division 165 considerations. Non-profit sub-entities may register 63.25. The ISR division, in conjunction with the other AOC divisions, plans and executes airborne ISR operations and provides combat ISR support to air component planning, Application of Division 129 to progressive or periodic 156.25. The division’s main products are daily ATO, STO, CTO, and ACO changes, and changes to other plans and orders, as required. Ceasing to account on a cash basis—amounts partly 159.15. The ATO's revised view relates to how Division 129 applies in circumstances where new residential premises are constructed for sale, but are rented prior to sale. You are free to copy, adapt, modify, transmit and distribute this material as you wish (but not in any way that suggests the ATO or the Commonwealth endorses you … Application of Division 129 Division 63--Non-profit sub-entities 63.1. It says the difference between the two is that: for Division 11 the connection is judged at the time of acquisition; and ; for Division 129 … The ATO takes the view that the connection to input taxed supplies for the purpose of Division 129 is determined in the same way as for Division 11. • The Division 129 result was to be based on actual receipts/outputs and the ATO clearly advised that “Division 129 must always be based on actuals” • The issue of Division 165 is not addressed in either ruling, but it was asked. As we had What this Division is about 159.5. AtoZmath.com - Homework help (with all solution steps), Online math problem solver, step-by-step Where there is a change of use of residential premises, Division 129 GST adjustments may require you to repay some or all of the input tax credits previously claimed. What this Division is about 63.5. Accounting on a cash basis Division 159--Changing your accounting basis 159.1. $75.00 non member price . the sum of any increasing adjustments under Subdivision 19 C or Division 21, 129, 131 or 134, that were previously attributable to a tax period in respect of the acquisition; plus the sum of any decreasing adjustments under Subdivision 19-C, Division 21, 129 or 133, that were previously attributable to a tax period in respect of the acquisition. ATO’s changing view on division 129 Author(s): Matthew NICHOLLS Materials from this session: insert_drive_file; GST changes in 2008 paper. insert_chart; ATO’s changing view on division 129 presentation (Currently Viewing)

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