Choral Music for Lent and Easter. 38, No. Beautiful text for Easter Sunday! Brahms was so well-versed in the Bible that he not only composed the music for his Requiem, but also translated and adapted the Bible verse into his native German. ... Amazing Love, How Can It Be: A Simple Series Easter (Choral Book) Russell Mauldin. DOWNLOAD. Pascha nostrum (Giovanni Bonaventura Matucci), Alleluia: Pascha nostrum (Heinrich Isaac), Almighty God, who through thy only begotten Son (Thomas Clark), Angelus Domini (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina), Angelus Domini descendit (Giovanni Croce), Angelus Domini descendit (Hans Leo Hassler), Angelus Domini descendit (Orlando di Lasso), Angelus Domini descendit de coelo (Adrian Willaert), Angelus Domini locutus est (Orlando di Lasso), Angelus Domini locutus est a 5 (Andrea Rota), Christ from the dead is raised (John Church), Christ lag in Todesbanden (German version) (Balduin Hoyoul), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Holger Hantke), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johann Crüger), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johann Pachelbel), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johann Walter), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johannes Eccard), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johannes Werlin), Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Christ rising again - Christ is risen again (William Byrd), Christ rising again from the dead (Thomas Tomkins), Christus resurgens ex mortuis (Johann Staden), Christus resurgens ex mortuis (prima pars) (Joachimus de Monte), Christus resurgens ex mortuis (Sethus Calvisius), Dialogo fra Maria Magdalena (Chiara Margarita Cozzolani), Dum surgit tumulo a 12 (Michael Praetorius), Dum transisset Sabbatum (Christian Erbach), Erstanden ist der Herre Christ (Hugo Distler), Evangelium in die paschae (Johannes Galliculus), Expurgate vetus fermentum (Christoph Buel), Expurgate vetus fermentum (Hans Leo Hassler), Expurgate vetus fermentum a 8 (Andrea Gabrieli), Haec dies & Pascha nostrum (Heinrich Isaac), Haec dies a 4 (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina), Haec dies a 6 (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina), Heut triumphieret Gottes Sohn, BWV 342 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Der Himmel lacht! Download and buy printable sheet music online at JW Pepper. 37, No. Featured in the Christmas 2020 Red Box. Easter (97) General (10) Non-Seasonal (8) Voicing. On the night of Friday, 16th March 2018, Seasonal House held its fourth concert. Published by Walton Music. Choral music for Easter The following lists all sacred works available at CPDL that have been categorized in the parent category Easter (323). Easter Sheet Music Downloads. Adult Easter choral music from simple-to-learn unison arrangements to massive SATB arrangements with full drama. Noel! We have identified a group of popular choral worship anthems, perfect for your Easter services. As early as the 1st Council of Nicea (325), the date for Easter was specified as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring. The Easter-themed event, titled “Klassicals of the Season”, saw soloists from Seasonal House accompanied by musicians from the most outstanding chamber orchestra in Accra, the Afro Maestros Orchestral Ensemble. In this excerpt from the Agnus Dei, the voices of the choir move in naked unison and the effect is breathtaking. “If there is anyone who owes everything to Bach, it is certainly God.” – Emil Cioran. Opening with a warm choral setting of Charles Wesley's Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise, this selection quickly builds to a triumphant and rhythmic Easter anthem. Many more are listed in the specific subcategories Easter Vigil (16), Easter Sunday (133), Easter 2 (37), Easter 3 (35), Easter 4 (15), Easter 5 (19), Easter 6 (20), and Ascension (115). - Kit. A gradual crescendo throughout this anthem illustrates the sunrise. By Michael Jothen. This excerpt from the movement Fons amoris, performed by a vintage Prague Symphony Orchestra and Prague Symphonic Choir, beseeches Mary: “Mother, fountain of love, make me feel the power of sorrow, that I may grieve with you.”, First performed in 1895, Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony is telling of the Austrian composer’s lifelong infatuation with the beauty of the afterlife and of his belief in resurrection. 8 pages. Cantate Domino (Hans Leo Hassler), Alleluia: Dominus in Sina (Heinrich Isaac), Am Himmelsfahrtstage, Op. Only part one is actually concerned with the Christmas story, whereas part two tells the Passion story of Christ’s trial, death, and resurrection. Vespere autem Sabbathi (William Byrd), And, behold, I am alive for evermore (Caleb Simper), Angelus Domini descendit (Christian Erbach), As Christ was raised from the dead (George Alexander Macfarren), As Christ was raised from the dead (Herbert Walter Wareing), At the Lamb's high feast we sing (Charles H. Giffen), At the Lamb's high feast we sing (Edward Vine Hall), At the sepulchre (Herbert Walter Wareing), Audivi vocem de caelo (Pierre de Manchicourt), Be glad then, O children of Zion (Alfred Hollins), Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden, BWV 6 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Blessed be the God and Father (Samuel Sebastian Wesley), Christ being raised from the dead (George J. Elvey), Christ being raised from the dead (John Wall Callcott), Christ being raised from the dead (Stephen Jarvis), Christ is risen from the dead (Edwin Augustus Sydenham), Christ is risen from the dead (George J. Elvey), Christ is risen from the dead (John Varley Roberts), Christ ist erstanden (Chorale), BWV 276 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Christ ist erstanden a 3 (Michael Praetorius), Christ ist erstanden a 4 (Michael Praetorius), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johann Hermann Schein), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Martin Luther), Christ lag in Todesbanden (Michael Praetorius), Christ lag in Todesbanden a 5 (Michael Praetorius), Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 277-278 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Christ our passover (George Alexander Macfarren), Christ our passover is sacrificed for us (John Goss), Christ the Lord is risen again (Edward Vine Hall), Christ the Lord is risen today (Edward Vine Hall), Christ the Lord is risen today (J. Ashley Hall), Christus resurgens ex mortuis (Giovanni Battista Stefanini), Christus resurgens ex mortuis (Johannes Wanning), Come, let us join our cheerful songs (Edward Vine Hall), Come, with high and holy gladness (Hugh Blair), Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem (Edward Vine Hall), Come, ye faithful, raise the strain (Edward Vine Hall), Come, ye faithful, raise the strain (Thurlow Weed), Congratulamini mihi omnes (Jacobus Clemens non Papa), The day of resurrection (Edward Vine Hall), Dum transisset Sabbatum a 5 (Robert Johnson), Dum transisset Sabbatum I (John Taverner), An Easter Gradual for SATB (Clifford Boyd), An Easter Introit (The Strife is o'er) (Denis Mason), Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen, BWV 66 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Erstanden ist der heilig Christ (Michael Praetorius), Expurgate vetus fermentum (Johannes Lupi), Expurgate vetus fermentum (Nicolas Gombert), Far be sorrow, tears, and sighing (Edward Vine Hall), Der Friede sei mit dir, BWV 158 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Gelobt sei Gott im höchsten Thron (Melchior Vulpius), Gloria Tibi Trinitas (Mamerts Celminskis), Hallelujah (from 'Messiah') (George Frideric Handel), Hallelujah! Choral. (Benjamin Milgrove), Herr Jesu Christe, Gottes Sohn (Michael Praetorius), Ein Herz, das seinen Jesum lebend weiß, BWV 134 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Historia von der Auferstehung, SWV 50 (Heinrich Schütz), Hor cess' il pianto (Giovanni Pietro Biandra), I will go unto the altar of God (Cuthbert Harris), I will magnify Thee, O Lord (William Henry Bell), Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen, BWV 145 (Johann Sebastian Bach), If we believe that Jesus died (George Alexander Macfarren), Introit 26: Second Sunday of Easter (Jeremy Rawson), Introit 27: Third Sunday of Easter (Jeremy Rawson), Introit 28: Fourth Sunday of Easter (Jeremy Rawson), Introit 29: Fifth Sunday of Easter (Jeremy Rawson), Introit 30: Sixth Sunday of Easter (Jeremy Rawson), Introit 31: Sunday after Ascension Day (Jeremy Rawson), Jesus Christ is risen today (Alfred Robert Gaul), Jesus Christ is risen today, Op. Accompaniment Tracks. From contemplative fervor to electric exhilaration, Bach’s music has it all. Arranged by Gaylene E. Anderson. The St. Matthew Passion is one of the most monumental works in the Western sacred repertoire. This is high drama, but the exhilarating result is utterly (after)life-affirming. In the 6th movement of the Requiem, Life’s battle against Death reaches its apogee – Death is fatally “erstochen” (“stabbed”), whilst Life taunts “Wo ist dein Sieg?” (“Where is your victory?”). Details. music with vision is a blog by, the world's leading classical music platform. (Charles Villiers Stanford), Ye choirs of new Jerusalem (Charles Villiers Stanford), Zu dieser österlichen Zeit (Johannes Eccard), Dextera Domini (Giovanni Battista Martini), Dextera Domini (Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari), Dextera Domini (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina), Lambertville Alleluia (Mark Wilber Stewart), Sabbato Sancto ad Vesperas (José Cascante), Alleluia per la Domenica di Pasqua (Marco Ferrarini), Alleluia, Christus surrexit (Felice Anerio), Alleluia. LIKE 4. The Stabat Mater is a 13th-century Christian hymn to Mary. All of the tunes and texts appear in one or more of the three new Reformed hymnals: Rejoice in the Lord, the Psalter Hymnal, and the Trinity Hymnal. Mark Hayes) The following lists all sacred works available at CPDL that have been categorized in the parent category … Choral > Easter; Easter. The first line, … It tells the story of the last moments of Jesus Christ on Earth, from the Last Supper to the crucifixion. Download Easter Anthem song on and listen New England Harmony: A Collection Of Early American Choral Music Easter … SATB chorus and piano - Medium-easy Composed by Alexander Schreiner & Michael Finlinson Moody. 2 (Charles Villiers Stanford), Elevatis manibus benedixit eis (Cesare Zoilo), The eternal gates lift up their heads (Christopher Tye), Festum nunc celebre – *Conscendit iubilans laetus (Ludwig Senfl), Gen Himmel fährt der Herre Christ (Johannes Eccard), God is gone up with a merry noise (William Croft), Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen, BWV 43 (Johann Sebastian Bach), Hail the day that sees him rise (Mark Liversidge), If ye then be risen with Christ (Myles Birket Foster), Jesu nostra redemptio (Tomás Luis de Victoria), Jesus, Lord of Life Eternal (Charles H. Giffen), Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen, BWV 11 (Johann Sebastian Bach), The Lord reigneth (George Alexander Macfarren), Non conturbetur (1st setting) (John Sheppard), Non conturbetur cor vestrum (Pierre de Manchicourt), Nun freut euch, Gottes Kinder all (Sigrid Schultz-Kokerbeck), O all ye people, clap your hands (Thomas Tremain), O for a shout of sacred joy (Thomas Clark), O God, the King of glory (Orlando Gibbons), O Rex gloriae (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina), Omnis pulchritudo Domini (Andreas de Silva), Our God ascended up on high (John Arnold), Pater manifestavi nomen tuum (Ludwig Senfl), Post processionem in Ascensione Domini (Gregorian chant), Salutis humanae Sator (José Maurício Nunes Garcia), Salutis humanae Sator, op.

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