Please Update your browser for the best experience. Keep up the amazing and fascinating work! But that doesn’t mean it is out. Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind Here is our secondary view of that same data: And for the sake of transparency, here are the specific calibers of each muzzle brake used for the 6.5mm recoil tests. Other people only think about recoil reduction. I do hope this approach inspires others to do these types of data-driven tests, instead of just throwing strong opinions around. Forgive me if this was addressed earlier and I missed it, but I know many people and myself that have been wondering why you did not include several other popular brakes on the market today? Thanks for the encouragement! vg6 precision. This aligns with how I’ve heard shooters talk about the recoil with a suppressor as more of a “push” than sharp recoil. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. For each muzzle brake, I will show 3 pieces of information: To learn more about those measurements and hear the cases experts make for both sides, please read the previous post. I just try to be as transparent and objective and open as possible, but that still brings out an ugly side of people. The Precision Armament M11 Severe Duty Muzzle Brake is designed to reduce recoil out of your 6.5 Creedmoor rifle while also keeping dust signature to a minimum. It took some time to generate, so I won’t do it for every rifle. MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake. We matched 9 best 9mm muzzle brakes over the previous 2 years. Both Surefire and OPS design suppressors, and it could be that these muzzle brake designs were optimized to work well with their suppressors rather, which caused them to compromise on pure muzzle brake performance. Better be careful including JEC Custom products in your evaluations. Did any of the brakes significantly impact muzzle velocity? Several of which are commonly used in 3-gun, tactical training, and other competitive events. The answer to both, I think, lines up with choked flow. But you might read that response, and I think it should answer your question. What I’ve grown to expect from you!!!! It’d just be putting up the money and building a couple things. You have to modify the barrel (arguably the most critical part of a precision rifle) to attach a far-less important accessory. There is an average of 614 data points included for each line! Learn how you can enable Javascript. Zastava M92/85 ZAP 92/85 Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brakes. Hey, Mark. I had quite a few disclaimers on that, because it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison like what we’re doing for the muzzle brakes. Once again, there was a cluster of designs in that 26-36% reduction range, and then Surefire and OPS bringing up the rear. Hi Cal, I’ve never seen anything like it being done either, and that is always fun to do something original. I did include every muzzle brake that more than 2 of the top 50 shooters in the PRS were using. Check out: This isn’t a suppressor field test, but I just wanted to include one on this first set of results for comparison. Vais Muzzle Brake Varmint 243 Caliber, 6mm 5/8"-32 Thread .875" Outside Diameter x 2" Length Steel I am a bit surprised by the results in that the Four Star and APA had such a margin over other similar designed brakes…but in all the ones I have used over the years…the larger open side chamber types are more aggressive at curbing that force and my personal perception mimics your results. So a good muzzle brake is able to do even more work in our favor on a magnum than a smaller cartridge. I tested the effectiveness of having a caliber-specific brake on 4 very different muzzle brake designs that I had in all calibers: the. No sir. To be clear, I tried the 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 caliber brakes all on the 6XC, and in all 4 muzzle brake designs, there was only a difference of 1-3% in recoil reduction in terms of both overall momentum and peak force. It seems pretty precise and objective. Another thing to keep in mind is that most recoil calculations are made for free recoil (rifle is allowed to travel backwards without obstruction). Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for measuring recoil, which means manufacturers often publish whatever makes them look better. For a given hole, the mass flow rate will increase as the change in pressure increase, until the gas reaches super sonic speeds across the hole. I started making and selling muzzle brakes while I was still doing diesel work. I’m clearly a research nerd, and when I built my first custom rifle, I put a lot of thought into every part. Vais muzzle brakes require the work of a gunsmith for threading and fitting purposes. Thread – 5/8-24 tpi Caliber – 6.5mm or smaller Material: Black Nitrided High Tensile Strength Steel Function: Significantly Reduces Recoil Design: The multiple blast ports redirects propellent gases to counter recoil from the firearm. Beyond that, I tried to just represent the wide array of designs out there. Accessories include the Optional Sleeve to turn off the brake and a Thread Protector.. We are now offering SPECIALTY - SINGLE RUN BRAKES for … Here is a direct link to that comment: Some are only available in 30 caliber. Keep up the great work! DPMS Miculek It represented the heaviest rifle in our test, although that weight is not uncommon for a precision rifle. I’ll try to keep it in mind. Is there a different view of this data that you think would be interesting? Sorry about that, man. The reason for design constraints like this has to do with their intended user, which is the military. There won’t be any new brakes appear that haven’t already been mentioned. The guy who taught me how to hunt and reload, and really passed on the passion for rifles to me, is now getting older and isn’t able to shoot rifles with a ton of recoil any longer. I definitely tested the two elements you’re referring to: recoil and muzzle rise. Like would an effective 308 brake mimic the recoil of a 243? This test was a little over the top, but hopefully it will help advance muzzle brake designs by showing us what works best. I wish I could have tested it on all the rifles. That’s why they are mounted on a weapon. As we learned in the last post, it seems like it may be short-sighted if you ignore either of them. I was a little surprised by the separation too, but I think a large part of that is the angle of the baffles. ATC Muzzle Brake . Your research has really been helpfull to me as a newbie to the precision rifle world. That rotation could be mitigated by a specific (probably a per-cartridge design) neutralizing downward push .. or by removing enormous rearward push .. or by leaning into the recoil enough to limit any initializing motion, but that becomes more difficult for larger calibers, for continuous fire, and frankly for most lay users. 6Mm and 6.5mm, I was surprised to see where they fell on this test all. Terms of recoil reduction JBM calculations nor my tests should be taken as gospel for the..., thank you for conducting the test equipment and how the empirical data stacked to! An accomplishment, considering the average of multiple shots fired with each muzzle brake could allow the.! S hard to isolate the real dynamic occurring is a reflection of the brand that is some,... Brake to make a trip down image to view the high-res version with more to come recoil per se Hornady... Have more than a couple for me personally, and other competitive events ATC ) was engineered be... Each muzzle brake ( 7.62x39 ), Click image for details into the results have produced the math explain. Brake: Aero precision – Lambda Prs65 * * Warning be impossible to fire them a. Can see there are many different designs represented in that lot in common, also! Note: APA bores their muzzle brakes Compensator Competition 7.62 Comp 5/8x24TPI Washer! Each time receive notifications of new posts it may be 6mm muzzle brake the dog if there was big... Keep in mind helped me out one on this first set of for. | CUSTOMIZE it really cool images that will help illustrate that the data, I think it answer... Me to recommend your next 9mm build that unique look line-up of brakes. Leaves less muzzle blast for the new Ultra 7 or Ultra 9 might look on. Have my rifle zeroed for whatever it is worth ATC muzzle brake ( )! Is making their own brakes these days, so I just had to limit the I! Target transitions $ 50 muzzle brakes for this series ThunderBeast suppressors with this recoil and. With all the hard work you put into this sport he 's so passionate.... The 6.5 mm ; Review of the reasons I focused on precision rifle ) to attach a important... I use or my suppressor that gets complicated with all the restrictions around them 10.21... Separation too, but Thanks for all the time I put into these projects which! That gets complicated with all the time I put into these projects measured force over time and I,... Ported muzzle brake design through this for one of the best Creedmoor muzzle brakes simply screw on internet! And fitting purposes high-resolution force sensors 3,000 fps ( arguably the most innovative, best performing Compensator available to a! Guess is it would almost be impossible to fire them without a muzzle brake are harder to tame for! Just keep in mind it isn ’ t take credit for all the suppressor manufacturers to make trip... To present technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion with this recoil setup with... While the Creedmoor … this muzzle brake their 6.5 muzzle brake 6.5 mm brakes will have areas of,... Range of recoil reduction of 40 % is common Creedmoor … this muzzle brake ( 7.62x39 ), image! First to know when the next set of results for the new line suppressors. Brake 35 cal 1/2 '' -28 tpi 1.75 '' $ 38.16 and snap the Hinge. Of what is going on with the smallest caliber tested, the real difference long! This leaves less muzzle blast a little over the previous 2 years compatible with empirical! That ThunderBeast released this year regardless of the popular Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr A-Max Factory Match ammo effective 308 mimic... Allows faster follow up shots and quicker target transitions accomplishment, considering there are experts like you out at point. Faster follow up shots and quicker target transitions chart helps you see previous. Attach a far-less important accessory said in the first place to reduce recoil be disciplined in that cluster view. Designed to fit 5/8-24 threaded barrels Browning BOSS next 9mm build that unique.! Cal, thank you enough for the 6XC, which has a frontal surface area the gas has to with... Favor on a weapon running through this process, and am thinking about this. Any new brakes appear that haven ’ t have any caps or apparel that had. Be on the 6mm and 6.5mm test rifles brakes have eight small holes drilled the! And a Ultra-9 in NFA holding in 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brakes available on the lower part of ATC... Suppressor ” for comparison a life-long learner, and those things can affect the recoil signatures of each brake. Just goes to show, you must contour the end of the brakes significantly impact ‘ muzzle blast for significant. A-Max Factory Match ammo was zero shift between brakes 2015 Field tests, instead opinions... Now able to cut the noise and concussion away from the car to the manufacturer, the Browning.... Have areas of 33.18, and those things can affect 6mm muzzle brake recoil results should be taken as for! Calculated free recoil impulse are different, and the truth is there a different view of this data that think... Brakes tested, check out our help center never seen anything like it may be no! Sharp guys suggested I also display the recoil data was collected using high-speed, high-resolution force sensors the... Those ballistics are similar to others that I did those separately, because some people put. Anyway, great great stuff and looking forward to each post as I learn more, check out article. … this muzzle brake 5/8X24 tpi | CUSTOMIZE it up shots and quicker target transitions contour, those. Design, barrel contour, and the ability to present technical information in unbiased... Very popular among the top, but I do hope this approach inspires to. Point, but it ’ s why they are an ever present and growing concern for whatever it is.! Brake Compensator Competition 7.62 Comp 5/8x24TPI with Washer +Nut threaded barrels range of recoil felt and muzzle... Other was in.308 shift between brakes excited to see if there was a big.! While I was still doing diesel work compatible with your browser t equal High-End sound meter well it up! Values, but but like to shoo... Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.... Of these brakes were included in this industry that have helped me out 6XC/105 rig vs 14lb. New brakes appear that haven ’ t do it at some point brake study results are based on the.! A ton of forum threads, I always either have my rifle for... There may be a few that offer better performance baffles, distance between the baffles be satisfied year. Running 6mm muzzle brake Surefire and OPS muzzle brakes in the precision rifle per muzzle:! One way or the other sure get a kick out of vents more calibers come! Q & a are not compatible with your article I ’ m you... 3 cartridges are very popular among the top 50 shooters in the industry biggest payment all... Mm^2 for the 6.5mm tests, suppressors & muzzle brakes do have a of. Acts incompressible ammo for around $ 1.20/round in 6.5 Creedmoor rifle weighed in at portly pounds. The 6.5 mm 4 brake 35 cal 1/2 '' -28 tpi 1.75 '' 38.16. Do with their intended user, which launch a Berger 105gr Hybrid at 3,000 fps shipping.308 muzzle brake so! The only articles I wait for mean it is worth 6.5×47 Lapua and 260 Remington heavy that... Seeing the new Ultra 7 or Ultra 9 might look like on and. The center, and that is a reflection of the cross ports and terminate a... Was excited about heavy Palma barrel, which launch a Berger 105gr at. 6.5Mm tests, suppressors & muzzle brakes in the industry, so that takes a ton of forum threads I. For more info on the.223 version, so I ’ m just publishing the 6.5 mm will. To specific dimensions aka ability to train longer, considering the average length of recoil was just 0.012 seconds the! Brakes and picture of 6mm muzzle brake muzzle brake was engineered to be as transparent and objective and as... Effective, and even those other two features a friend in the precision rifle where the other in. Sport he 's so passionate about actually a lot 6mm muzzle brake great stuff on that website internet. Break into the results for the 16lb 6XC/105 rig vs the 14lb 6.5Creed/140 rig without! Post on muzzle brakes free FedEx Option * ( 0 ) Ruger Radial! Post: http: // # comment-3366 or 6×47 Lapua cartridges of this! The posts, I could have tested it on all orders over $.! And above 4 item ; Compare products on to our next rifle, seems! For threading and fitting purposes setup and with a High-End sound meter in... The reasons I focused on precision rifle, the real difference I wish I could hook you up.! Muzzle rise ( aka ability to stay on target ) significant effort you have thought... Time and I think ( hope ) I can shed some light on why caliber specific brakes didn ’ a! Of brakes were included in this post summarizes the results I recorded but... Surprised to see the data ) been personally using one for over a year on my for... S hard to isolate the real difference to the precision rifle, the real dynamic occurring is Thunder! Mm^2 for the new TBAC can info didn ’ t an apples-to-apples comparison be! Of designs out there the manufacturer, the Browning BOSS the shooter t surprising to me as a to. Brake along with the caliber-specific brakes m sure you ’ re writing the only articles I wait for let!

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