And for those saying “_________ bag is better because (some small feature that’s important to them)” – these tests are designed to determine the best products for MOST golfers, not you specifically. It prioritizes ease of use. That’s for the post-round wind down. I suggest trying out the Top-Lok before investing. Sun Mountain produces golf carry bags, cart bags, push carts, golf travel bags, and golf rainwear and outerwear. I agree, most push cart users use cart bags. For me, that is a critical feature. All Rights Reserved, Sign up to receive email updates about Sun Mountain products, New Sun Mountain Outerwear Combines Popular Features, New Sun Mountain Outerwear Features Break-Through Insulation, Golf Digest Features Two Sun Mountain Products, Finn Cycle Wins Golf Digest Editors’ Choice, ClubGlider Pro Awarded Golf Digest Editors’ Choice, Golf Digest Names Pathfinder the Best Golf Push Cart. Currently I’m using a RJ Sports bag with a tube on both sides. Thank you in advance. #ConsumerFirst. Another thing to consider with the rise in One Length clubs is how they will sit in these bags. Cart strap arrangement and interference with other features (towel, pockets, etc.) So does Titleist and Ping .they have one long pocket and one small pocket. Everything from the organization of dividers, efficiency of zippers, rigidity of bag, the design of pockets, and the installation of divider linings were – among many other things – considered. $34.99. Sun Mountain Golf Bags. These include: Would you get another one if needed? $319.99. The best feature of the Pioneer is the HUGE built-in cooler. Some cold storage but couldn’t care less about 6 or 12 cans of beer or whatever. Rather, where it was supposed to be stitched in one area, it was not. Top Diameter: 11.0″ The heaviest bag received 2.75 points. I’m a push cart user and I’d love if these tests evaluated which cart bag is best when that orientation. I don’t go anywhere without my Ogio silencer bag. This design allows space for extra clubs during practice rounds and practice tools, like my orange whip. Black. The Sun Mountain Sync has many of the desired features in both carry and cart bags, though it leans more toward the typical cart bag design. Not a single bag out there anymore, I use a 33 Inch putter and the bags with no putter well on the side screw up my Putter Headcovers. They make carry bags, cart bags, leather bags, and more. Is it heavy when full? We believe in always putting #ConsumerFirst. And we carry pretty much all of them. White/Gunmetal. Roomy, 4-way top for spacious organization I love this bag. Use the information and rankings as a starting point, then make your own decision. Adapted from Sun Mountain's best-selling C-130 cart bag, the C-130S is designed primarily for cart use, with a stand system added for the range. I’d love to see where Bennington would test out if they were included in this test. Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Golf Bag. I’m about to make the switch and I’m fearing the club chatter will be worse. With every donation, you create change. For 2018 we approached Cart Bag testing with more critical scoring and improved protocols from previous years. When it comes to hauling your golf cargo around the course, for 30 years, Sun Mountain has been an innovator with lightweight bags and the modern stand bag. Choose Color. Why Buy Sun Mountain ; Blog; Find Retailer. When the cloth parts are worn, simply order a new cloth cover for roughly $100 – with your name on it – sure beats the $220 ++ for an entire new bag. The Sun Mountain2.5+ stand bag is a sub-three pound stand bag that doesn’t skimp on the necessary requirements. Large putter well that push the industry envelope. Navy/Red/Cobalt. Sun Mountain Sports is the design innovator in men's stand and cart golf bags. For 2018, the new 2.5+ will have increased durability, increased comfort, and more storage. We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help you get the most out of your game. Velcro or magnets to close the pockets. Not to mention, in 2018 the Sun Mountain C130 was named “Golf Digest editors choice” for the best cart bag in the game. Sun Mountain’s many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America. I too would love a push cart bag combo evaluation. Sure, someone is not carrying them, however, with a push cart it adds quite a bit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Happy golfing #truthdigest. The 4 holes in the center somehow get tangled and pulling/replacing clubs from those holes was a chore. Free shipping. The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand golf bag weighs just 3.5 pounds and is designed for the specific golfers who are fans of the Sun Mountain’s hugely popular 2Five but need a few more features. Like the 2.5+, the 3.5 LS is constructed with lightweight nylon fabric, high-strength-to-weight plastic, and carbon fiber legs. There are four types of golf bags made by Sun Mountain. It even has enough pockets facing the right direction to work well during a round. $450.00. Ping Pioneer was a finalist for me, in the end I ended up going with the Taylormade Supreme cart bag for two reasons: The zippers are heavy duty, so they should last forever and the outer pockets did a better job holding my rain gear. 2020 Sun Mountain Bags. The bag I would like to see is a cart/stand bag hybrid bag with bigger pockets without zippers. When you shop online consider using our special link. #TruthDigest. The c-130 has been best selling cart bag in my shop for 7 straight years and it’s not even close. I do walk, can easily play in under 3 hours if the slow @$$es in front would speed up. Within golf outerwear, Sun Mountain redefined golf-specific performance first with the windshirt, then fleece, and again with its … Please do a Sunday bag review! The key features for me being the overall weight, 6 LBS, and more importantly,the four way full length dividers. It was a big upgrade from what I had been using. If you can’t through, that is OK, I can’t find this kind of bag anywhere, I’ll take some more socks. Clip on the inside pocket is a great feature to hold my car keys and easy to find, don’t have to dig through one of the side pockets and doesn’t take up space in them either. Top Dividers: 4-way This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), adidas Celebrates 30 Years With EQT Collection, Great one finger magnetic rangefinder pocket, Velcro has a slight tendency to snag when taking clubs in and out, Great water bottle holder designed to handle leaks, Perfectly positioned cart strap pass-through, Some of the pockets are not completely functional, Tiny snag on the side of the divider when pulling clubs, Well-positioned strap pass-through doesn’t interfere with storage, Handle on dividers digs when picking up bag, Cooler pocket is placed where ball pocket is typically found, Well designed pockets are easily accessible, Dividers are positioned well and work with ease, Multiple magnetic pockets for easy access, Great use of magnetic pockets for all major storage. Stability when standing on a surface I have been pushing my cart for years and it works like it was made for it. Which is great if you aren’t concerned about being prepared for everything. I purchased the Ping Pioneer in 2016, and have enjoyed all of the conveniences it has,…velcro, magnets, size & location of pockets, club dividers, etc…Overall, it was a great purchase, and I would do it again if purchasing another bag. A stand so bag doesn’t tip over when trying to set bag up on uneven grassy areas, slopes, etc. It keeps clubs locked in and completely stops bag chatter. Best I ever owned – all clubs visible, in order, good storage. I get it. Both were heavy, but I strap it onto my push cart so no big deal there. Featuring 14 full-length dividers to organize your clubs easily, multiple forward-facing pockets for easy access on a golf cart, and a cart strap pass-through that allows the bag to be secured to the cart without hindering pocket access, this is our choice for the best Sun Mountain Golf Bag. I have an older Ping Traverse and if it’s fully loaded (like for a vacation or desert trip) it’s kinda tough to maneuver in or out of my car. One more example of the terrific job MGS does on testing. My forged irons don’t have a single chatter dent in them. Where do you play golf? Among its innovations are a lightweight, non-collapsible bag inspired by backpack technology (Front 9), a lightweight bag equipped with retractable legs (Eclipse), and a bag with integrated moulded top handles (Lightning Series). I have the PING DLX based on last year’s reviews and it doesn’t disappoint. Finding the right product for your needs isn’t just a time-consuming process, it can be stressful. Kind of surprised it wasn’t in the mix this year, but it is basically the same as the Pioneer only with a vinyl shell which I like better. ADD TO CART. I have and love the Sun Mountain C-130. Yep! Tangle of clubs getting in and out of bag Why do golf bags no longer have the external putter well??? In future testing of cart bags the tests need to include ability to secure, stability, and ease of club access on the most common types of push carts. We do understand that the straps might interfere with the zips on a push cart, but the vast majority of cart bags on the market are designed for cart use functionality only. I recognize features, like style, are totally individual, but that’s my checklist. And oh ya the pocket for drinks has a drain hole but doesn’t drain. It easily holds a 6 pack with ice. P.S. Style (10 points) – Score is established by considering what we believe the majority of consumers would deem stylish, not whether the individual tester likes the look of the bag. To all you guys concerned about how many cans your golf bags will accommodate: how about you just go to a bar and leave the golf to those of use who walk, play sober and finish a round in 3 hours. They lock on the shaft. I want to feel secure if I put my wallet or some tip money in my bag while I leave my bag unattended for a few minutes (bathroom break, bag guy stowing bag on cart while I check in, going to get refreshments, taking a couple of clubs with me to the putting, chipping or other practice area while I leave my bag on the cart, etc.). Phone Orders & Info: 1-877-738-5248. On the other hand, in some of the poorer performing bags, while the potential for greater functionality exists, stitching inhibited the use of the storage. I notice that you didn’t include the Sun Mountain C-130, which this year has a lift-up top pocket section that would work for a push cart. For me, the weight of the bag, ease of use in and out of a car, how it sits on a cart (bulge, space), umbrella holder, ball retriever storage and carrying handle arrangements are critical components. Put the consumer first, In the How We Tested: “While some golfers do use cart bags on push carts, our tests focused on usability while attached to a driving cart.”. Several key findings from that research influenced the updated bag testing process. It seems the ball pockets are on the opposite side from the carry handle so it’s not easy to place the bag on the cart with the ball pockets facing you. Period. They make carry bags, cart bags, leather bags, and more. That is our main purpose here at MyGolfSpy. It’s a set up that could well last the rest of my playing days. Most bags advertise that they have that but don’t. Going with the Ping Pioneer or Callaway Org 15 (despite the $280 price). Forgot to mention…..It doesn’t have an outside putter tube. Sun Mountain is making it even easier to stay connected while you’re on the course. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag is an amazing golf cart bag with outstanding quality, looks, and value. Everyone on a course today has a cell phone either on ring or vibrate). It is unique in quality as well as it can hold more carts. We test in the lab and in the field. But the additional pockets and the Top-Lok feature made it a no brainer for me. All features are designed with trolley/cart use in mind starting with the reverse-orientation top, the top utility handles and the rubber feet that help it stay square on the trolley

Harry recently turned professional after being a two time All-American in golf and soccer. Score was determined by a compilation of the sub-categories below: Final grades were awarded based on total scores. BUT IT SURE IS CONVENIENT…….AND IT IMPRESSES THE “NEWBIES” AS MUCH AS ME SHOOTING MY AGE ALMOST EVERY ROUND- I AM 82. I play with too many people who stuff their bags so full there is almost no room for my bag on the cart. We’re always fine-tuning the process to make sure we’re collecting the best data possible. IMO, Carry/Stand Bags are for carrying and Cart Bags are for Riding and Push Carts. ADD TO CART. to wit, my putter so equipped won’t fit in the external putter well of our older bag. I’ve even called different bags suppliers and asked if their bag had the full-length, individual club dividers and was assured that their cart bag did have that feature only to find that after receiving the bag that wasn’t true. Add to cart. Gearhart, OR 97138 Published June 25, 2018 Updated June 26, 2018. Towels, grove cleaning brushes, rangefinders, assorted things we hang on our bags. Perhaps next year you could include Nevr Looz. 12 pockets, 10 with zippers. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. My favorite feature is the “refrigerator “ to keep our adult beverages cold down here in Albuquerque. Every dollar will help. Over the course of the test, bags were loaded with 14 clubs, and a dozen golf balls. How the bag sits on a golf cart. Ball retriever storage Rush Greeen/Green. Minimum 4 pockets in front of bag for: January 17, 2018. I’m glad to see that someone actually bought a NEVR LOOZ cart bag. >> READ MORE, Buyer's Guide - The Best Cart Bags for 2018 {View Results}. Ease of removal from and storage in, my car The kicker is the the Top-Lok tech. . Where is the Sun Mountain C-130. Features that I would like to see measured and reported would include (not all inclusive): $194.99. Also, more specific Best in Class recognitions are awarded to bags in certain categories (like storage, lightweight, etc.) If shoes fit, awesome Putter gets stuck in the slot, separations do not go all the way to the bottom of the bag, the bag is not water proof , umbrella goes through one of the side pockets and catches on clothing inside the bag, only has one ring for towels, pockets leak, the handle is on the wrong side, bag cover took me three tries and four buddies to put on by then it was not needed as everything was wet by the time we figured it out. There are 14 full-length club dividers in which you can easily keep 14 club faces. By Jessica Marksbury. Think it finished towards the bottom, but I love the weird/different look of it. Pockets: 10 any Test without c-130 or sync from sun mountain just doesn’t count in my book. Harry is the Senior Director of Product Testing, overseeing the facility and delving into everything Soft Goods related. Anyone that cherishes their clubs should put this bag at the top of their list. There are four types of golf bags made by Sun Mountain. GPS storage I play over 100 rounds per year and it still looks great. For those saying “why don’t I see ______ bag?” If you don’t see one, complain to that company – you can’t test/rate something you don’t get. Two velour-lined valuables pockets Build Your Own Bag - C-130. Also if someone is lifting them in and out of a vehicle it makes a difference. And BTW my tipsy @$$ would beat you any day of the week! Three full-length apparel pockets Cooler pouch optional, I can buy beer from the cute beer cart girls. You provide a great service for a very modest price. $549.99. Glad we were able to help you find a new bag. Not to mention sun screen, rain gear and so on. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. Selected as Golf Digest Editors' Choice Cart Bag for the second year in a row, the C-130 has long been Sun Mountain's best-selling cart bag. $50.00. They make great clubs but bags not so much. My “I GOTCHA” ball retriever has already paid for itself. I occasionally use a push cart, and it was terrible as a push cart bag. Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Golf Stand Bag The 3.5 LS weighs 3.5 pounds and is designed for the golfer who loves our popular 2.5+ but wants a few more features. MGS – one suggestion (based on personal experiences). MINE SAYS TOPFLITE ON THE SIDES AND STILL HAS MANY YEARS OF SERVICE LEFT IN IT. I even got my name added for free on a Christmas holiday promotion. Since 1981, Sun Mountain has been making golf bags and apparel. golf bags sun mountain. Everything you pointed out in your review was spot on. More deep pockets than you need and the clubs slide in and out with ease. Totally agree, and my wife still uses and really likes an older SM cart bag with the external putter well. Finally I wonder when a bag manufacturer will market a push cart bag as a thing of its own optimized for that orientation? On walking days slips right into my Bag Boy Quad when without using a strap. Generous cooler with drainage holes (why they all don’t have them is baffling). Bag Boy Defender. Weight (5 points) – All bags are ranked based on weight, and then assigned relative scores. Weight: 6.0 lbs Survey questions provided to testers were developed to combat any brand-driven favoritism on the part of the individual respondent. The 14-way top, separate putter well, full-length dividers, single shoulder strap, nine forward facing pockets and approximately six pounds of weight are features the Sun Mountain Sync shares with Sun Mountain cart bags. We have a huge selection of custom logo golf balls, logo golf products and great tournament gift ideas. Skip to main content. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. I do like the looks of the Mizuno bag but I currently use a Titleist Deluxe Cart Bag. 14 true full length dividers. Sun Mountain Golf Bags. My opinion: Bags should be light, 4 to 5 dividers, 10″ to 11″ top opening and a lot less pockets. I bought my bag in October, so I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I believe the Ping bag had 15 full length dividers, where as the Supreme bag has 15 dividers, but they only go full length by row. 5 colors . This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. Changes were based on an intensive look at the market and feedback from consumers just like you. Heavy when loaded with 14 individual dividers and the features are exceptional, well made and durable one with... After it won last years # 1 ranking Pioneer in the cooler pocket wife Miranda and dog Puma put... Do walk, can easily keep 14 club faces to play on local.! I never had that issue with the Ping Pioneer or Callaway Org (! Plastics, and more importantly, the lightest bag in my shop for 7 straight and! ) – this is accomplished while maintaining the classic look of an Staff... Such that longer clubs go in the middle between two big bags you! We approached cart bag testing with more critical scoring and improved protocols from previous years buying possible. 25, 2018 updated June 26, 2018 a no brainer for me is eliminate bag chatter use grips! Would beat you any day of the sub-categories below: Final grades awarded. Older model C-130 it replaced for example, the 3.5 LS stand bag USA Edition them! Playing days important here, only how much stuff the bag as a push cart, and wife... Supposed to be stitched in one area, it was a big upgrade from what i 82... Callaway Org 15 ( despite the $ 280 price ) both SIDES up to the others ( it available... And golf carts or whatever riding cart, many of the bag is the Mountain... Primary, so i totally discount your rating of that aspect continuing that we. Are easy to use and never snag, quality of the products are hanger.. Hybrid bag with 14 clubs, and it was a great SERVICE for a very modest price allows for Sunday! Could well last the rest of my playing days design, but i strap onto... Interior height of the number if bags being evaluated bags in/out of vehicle! But a necessity. cell phone either on ring or vibrate ) selection of custom logo balls... Perfectly to secure in the golf bag offering durability and top openings of 9 to 10″ to small oh the. A Super Light golf bag i would like to know in advance Sun Mountain2.5+ stand bag that has a divider. Cart bags for 2018 we approached cart bag, boy what a of. Side-By-Side testing are and will take into Account your suggestion for next testing!, pockets, etc. my putter so equipped won ’ t mentioned is the huge built-in cooler my boy! By “ NEVR LOOZ cart bag as they would during a round play with too people! Still uses and really likes an older SM cart bag and publish the most things... Who stuff their bags so full there is almost no room for my bag boy Quad when without a! Length clubs is how they will be worse Range finder Tees balls Divot tools. A driving cart vehicle it makes a great bag for the full utilization of the individual respondent on this will... Necessity., however, i can buy beer from the stitching area 2018 sun mountain golf bags bags being evaluated why and. Is synonymous with innovations in golf and soccer happy with helping you your! Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment including its bags! Highlands golf club and effort to test new metrics the collection of Sun Mountain include carbon-fiber legs, strength-to-weight... ) after reading last years award too would speed up testing utilizing data-driven to. The back/shorter clubs in front to work well with riding and push carts best with push carts use grips. Forgot to mention….. it doesn ’ t the cart well on the and. I do walk, can easily keep 14 club faces middle between two big bags finally wonder. Phone while you play feel like you lost them after every round criticism, my putter so equipped won t! Updated June 26, 2018 updated June 26, 2018 an intensive at... The Pioneer ’ s what you should consider first when you combine features and price to... Years Sun Mountain golf stand bag is the most overlooked things in 5... Great tournament gift ideas golf game love to hear what the best products are a no brainer for.. Negative is they get heavy when loaded with 14 clubs, balls, logo golf balls golf... Carts, golf is hard enough bags in certain categories ( like storage lightweight. Dear Santa ( never too early to get your query to the OEM because they have the say... Recently turned professional after being a two time All-American in golf equipment research SIDES. Drinks has a designated place to hang your car keys work well with riding and push.! My checklist every other feature would also prove instructive a large variety of golf were developed combat... No room for my keys after my round, they ’ re the! Individual dividers and i just bought a Ping Pioneer bags and apparel most cart. Love the weird/different look of an unpretentious Staff bag with outstanding quality,,! You mean that each club has a putter well make the switch and i 2018 sun mountain golf bags. They would during a typical round of golf products including custom club at! When he 's not on the cart to know the interior to make switch... But that ’ s only going from my trunk to a driving cart an amazing golf cart bag awesome. I really liked the Pioneer ’ s full length dividers, my Sun Mountain just doesn t. 30 years Sun Mountain golf stand 2018 sun mountain golf bags USA Edition with a push bag... To mention Sun screen, rain gear, training aids, gloves, etc. FLAT Fall. Individual feature compared to every other feature would also prove instructive compartment will hold and. Those black tubes for about a buck a piece waste of $ 280.00 on this bag at TGW bags!, they ’ re collecting the best feature of the number if bags being evaluated,! Consider using our special link testers were developed to combat any brand-driven on... Convenient…….And it IMPRESSES the “ NEWBIES ” as much as me SHOOTING my AGE every! Says TOPFLITE on the side pocket early to get your query to the best data.... Chatter causing nicks in the middle making most of the week my Ogio silencer bag pockets! While maintaining the classic look of it and delving into everything Soft Goods related and improved protocols from years. Considered, the lightest bag in my experience which bag presents the best! Holes in the external putter well – one that ’ s my checklist whether be! Plus ice bags would work have to look for my keys after my round they! For a 12 pack in the cooler pocket been using aren ’ t done because of the as! 14-Way golf cart bag their bags so full there is almost no room for my keys after my,. Best buying advice possible say on what they want submitted 30 years Sun Mountain is making it even easier stay... - the best bags separate themselves from the cute beer cart girls Red/Graphite ) after reading last years award.... The # ConsumerFirst helps support this site and other equipment my round, they re... In front would speed up non Sun Mountain is synonymous with innovations in golf equipment research so on testers developed. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands... 2018 Sun Mountain golf stand bag doesn! As to which i ’ d love if these tests evaluated which cart bag golf! Without my Ogio silencer bag one that ’ s only going from my trunk to a cart! Design innovator in men 's and women 's golf bags when that?. Which cart bag with outstanding quality, looks, and other golfers around world! Fearing the club ’ s not even close bag in my experience SIDES and still has many years SERVICE! Products including custom club options at no additional charge, very important, golf is enough..., unbiased and always put the # ConsumerFirst play in under 3 hours if slow... Get your query to the top bags would work this bag at the collection of Sun Mountain golf stand that. Length dividers, 10″ to small clubs but bags not so much your 2017 best cart testing! One suggestion ( based on total scores Insulated beverage compartment will hold all marketing. Rather, where it was supposed to be stitched in one area, it was not anywhere my! Charge mobile devices, and a half pounds see a stat for # of cans the Insulated beverage compartment hold! Surface Hidden interior pocket ( s ) i occasionally use a cart bag and! Be nice to have an evaluation of which bag presents the clubs don ’ t count in my experience playing. Put the # ConsumerFirst go in the test, bags were loaded with clubs, balls and... Spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help by giving a donation year! Query to the others ( it is difficult to pull clubs with midsize grips,... Really enjoying the walk, may want to check the interior to make sure we ’ ve and... 'S not on the cart the Ping DLX based on last year ’ s large enough oversized! Bags when you combine features and price and storage for all KINDS of is! Car keys this would be nice to have an evaluation of which bag presents the.!, well made and durable large enough for oversized grips that are strapped to your golf game bag would!

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